Dell Inspiron i3158-3275SLV Review

The Dell Inspiron i3158-3275SLV is a buyer’s dream. It’s a 2in1 laptop, with portability and battery efficiency being foremost in mind. The TrueLife display screen of the Dell Inspiron i3158-3275SLV is the main attraction of this ultra-portable laptop.

Being a 2-in-1 laptop, the laptop has a TrueLife touchscreen display, which can be used as a tablet computer by swiveling the display backward just shy of 360-degrees.

Dell Inspiron i3158-3275SLV: Quick Overview

Dell Inspiron i3158-3275SLV Review

It weighs just 3.1 lbs. owing to have a display of only 11.6 inches, the addition of a modestly sized SSD, which translates into the lack of a weighty traditional mechanical hard disk drive as well as the lack of an optical drive. With a competitive price point, it is a very good choice for beginners on a budget, not to mention those who have essential work foremost on their minds, such as schoolchildren or university students.

  • Lightweight
  • Nice build quality
  • Great CPU, RAM and SSD choices
  • Good battery life
  • No full HD display

Hardware Specifications

The Dell Inspiron i3158-3275SLV is powered by an Intel Core i3-6100U that is an ultra-low-power consuming multithreaded processor clocked at 2.30 GHz and having an Intel Smart Cache of 3MB. Although it does not have the TurboBoost feature of its Core i5/7/9 cousins, the Intel Core i3-6100U still manages to outperform its competition by doubling down on low power consumption and being able to perform moderately intensive tasks admirably.

The Core i3-6100U can easily handle multitasking with concurrent applications such as multi-tabbed Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and an antivirus program running in the background. Keep in mind that this CPU is not a high-powered processor, so opening up too many applications at once can bog down the laptop and even open up possibilities of getting blue-screen-of-deaths or BSODs.

If there is one fault of the Dell Inspiron i3158-3275SLV, then it is the 4GB of RAM the 2-in-1 laptop gets shipped off with. What is even more disheartening is that the laptop only has one slot for its RAM. So, in order to upgrade the system memory, you have to swap out the factory-installed 4GB module for a much higher module of RAM. The hassle here is entirely for the device’s purchaser since it is up to the purchaser to then sell or exchange the factory-installed 4GB RAM module for a new 8GB or 16GB RAM module.

The only consolation is that the power-efficiency improvements made to the latest iteration of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System Version 10 Home 64-bit. The 4GB of low powered DDR3 RAM of the Dell Inspiron i3158-3275SLV will not be too much of a hindrance to the usability of this 2-in-1 if the user keeps in mind to never stress the laptop by trying to multitask with applications that are originally resource hungry. The difference between LPDDR3 and the regular DDR3 RAM is only that the low-powered version runs on a slightly reduced voltage, making it not only battery power efficient but also generating less heat for the laptop to dissipate.

Staying true to the roots of an ultra-portable 2-in-1, the Dell Inspiron i3158-3275SLV has been given a solid-state drive for its storage function. The solid-state drive used here is an M2 SSD with a space of 128GB. Now, even though this space is somewhat limited, modern cloud computing solutions such as DropBox/OneDrive/GoogleDrive have negated the need for large storage devices on ultra-portable devices such as this laptop.

Design and Build Quality

According to Dell, the Inspiron i3158-3275SLV 2in1 laptop has been created with a minimalistic design in mind that is supposed to create a sense of purpose without unnecessary bells and whistles. Dell’s promise that all the components have been rigorously put through tests to ensure flawless operation should be taken with a grain of salt given Dell’s not such a stellar reputation for providing world-class computers.

The 2-in-1 TrueLife touchscreen that also doubles as a powerful tablet comes with 11.6 inches of viewable screen and a maximum resolution of 1366X768 pixels. Once swiveled to a near-360 degree, the tablet mode is engaged, and the keyboard and the touchpad are automatically disabled so that any accidental presses or brushes cannot hinder the tablet’s operation.

The keyboard and touchpad functionalities are again automatically restored when the display screen is swiveled back to its original position.

Other features include a media card reader, a pair of MaXXAudio stereo speakers, one HDMI 1.4a port, one USB 3.0 port, and two USB 2.0 ports.

Although the Dell Inspiron i3158-3275SLV does not have any RJ-45 ports for Ethernet connectivity, it has an Intel single-band wireless card for fast Wi-Fi connections in addition to the standard 802.11 ac-3165 Bluetooth connectivity.

Battery Life and Portability

The Dell Inspiron i3158-3275SLV is truly an endowed budget 2in1 laptop computer since Dell had the fortitude to keep the total weight (with the battery) at a mere 3.1 lbs. The three-cell battery provides enough electronic juice to keep the device purring for up to 11 hours, which is quite remarkable when you think these figures are traditionally limited to none but the most high-end of ultra-portable laptops. Dell’s own XPS line and the world-renowned Apple Mac AirBooks!

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