CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXI Review 2020


The CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme VR is an exciting and relatively cheap gaming PC, which costs $720 with an AMD RX480 graphic processor .We are putting it through its paces and taking it apart in the following article. This PC is for people that want to get into gaming if they don’t want to spend that much but want to play triple PC titles and maybe some light CAD work.

This is a powerful computer for not a lot of money, and it’s very upgradable.

  • Competitive price
  • Excellent graphics
  • Upgradable
  • Free lifetime tech support
  • No SSD

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXI VR: A cheap alternative for gamers

Computer specifications

Let’s take a look at the computer’s inside and go through all the specs of its specifications. This is a pre-built PC that you could probably source all of these components yourself and build your own, but I don’t think you’ll do it for about the price that this one cost with the same features.

What CyberPower is doing here is buying this stuff in bulk and getting a better price, and you could probably build something for around this price, but you also have to factor in the cost of the windows license.

This is perhaps a very competitive build for your PC. It is Nicely laid out here. They get all the wires hidden. There’s a lot of cooling on this thing, so you’ve got two fans. The power supply, which is a 600-watt power supply, of course, has its cooling got a stock cooler on the Intel processor also. So it’ll keep itself very cool, but it’s very noisy as a result of that.

Inside, you got that X 480 GPU from AMD. You have 2.4 gigabytes RAM modules here in the dual-channel configuration that gives you 8 gigabytes of RAM total. You have an Intel i5 that’s an I 5 7400, a three gigahertz quad-core CPU so very well specs out here and performs very nicely as I will tell you in a minute.

It has an optical drive, a DVD burner that’s over her, and you also have a one terabyte hard drive there, and you can add additional storage to it if you wish.

There’s a bunch of SATA connectors available for you on the motherboard. Two PCI slots on the motherboard also, but you can’t add a second GPU because there are only one x16 slots as this one occupies, but you could always get a new motherboard down the road put it into this thing.

Aspect and more

It is a standard case, a very sturdy case. All metal looks nice, it doesn’t glow as much as they kind of indicate in their product specifications on Amazon, but all the fans have red LEDs in there, and we will see some red light emanating out from it while you are using it in the dark.

And of course, you’ve got a bunch of connectors on the case. You’ve reached your USB 3.0 connectors on the front here, along with audio in and out and the power and reset switch.

On the back of the motherboard, you’ve got a USB Type-C connector, but this is not Thunderbolt, and this is the slower 5 gigabytes per second USB 3.1 actual speed on this one.

Don’t expect a lot on a cheap PC. Got your audio in and out over here as well USB 3.0, another two USB 3.0 ports there Gigabit Ethernet a pair of USB 2.0 connectors for hooking up keyboards and mice and that sort of thing.

You also have some legacy connectors, so if you’ve got old ps2 mounts and keyboards that you have to keep using, you can plug them right into the device here.

DVI and HDMI are on the motherboard, but this is for slower intel graphics. You want to connect up your displays to the GPU here, and you’ve got an HDMI out along with three DisplayPort connectors.

Accessories – Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

They also surprisingly included a keyboard and mouse in the box, and they call these gaming keyboards and mice. Still, they are just low-cost devices that look like gaming keyboards and mice, but they’re more superior than what you typically see on a sub $1000 PC.

Still, these are not mechanical keys. It’s pretty plasticky feeling it’s not the highest quality, but again I have found the keyboard on this one to be a little better than what you might get on Dell or something like that.

So as a pack, it’s passable especially given the price point. The mouse has a bunch of buttons on it but again not going to blow you away in its gaming performance, but also you are spending 720 bucks for the full package, and it’s nice that they do at least include a keyboard and mouse for the price.

You also get a TP-LINK wireless adapter inside and get it on your WI-FI network if you don’t want to use the internet, so that is the entire system layout. It’s rather large.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXI VR: Performance tests


Grand Theft Auto5 (GTA-5)

Let’s start things off with Grand Theft Auto 5. I’m going to pop into the graphics settings here. I forgot to mention earlier the video card has 4 gigabytes of video RAM, and I’ll go through all the settings that I have configured on the game.

I set it, so I get us above 60 frames per second consistently. I did try to use the AMD gaming involved application, which means they are trying to automate the settings like you would be able to do on an Nvidia card with their GeForce experience, and I found it didn’t work all that well for me.

This is something I took a little bit more time to configure than I’ve seen on the Nvidia side of things, but I am getting consistent frame rates above 60 frames per second on the low-end I see 65 or so and the high end about 80 depending on what’s going on in the scene.

This is a game that’s very demanding on both the CPU and the GPU. The performance does vary widely as you’re moving about the world, but with some pretty decent image quality, we’re getting some decent frame rates, which is good.

It’s better than console, it’s faster at 60 frames per second or more, and I think it’s a pretty good experience for the money here, so not too bad.


Let’s take a look now at the new version of DOOM. What I have settings for is 1080p; I was able to turn them up pretty decently.

Back out to the game once more, and we’re well above 60 frames per second most of the time. I was sometimes getting as high as 100 frames per second when we get into scenes that aren’t all that demanding on the hardware.

It’s an excellent performance here, in a fast game to begin with, which is pretty good.

I was having a lot of fun in this game testing PCs, and you can see an incredible experience, probably better than a console experience and better image quality, too, so good stuff on DOOM.

Street Fighter 5

Let’s take a look at one more game.

We have Street Fighter 5 here running at full solid 60 frames per second at 1080p, so another one that runs quite nicely on this platform, and I think again if you’re sticking to 1080p, a lot of these triple-a titles should look decent, better than console and perform pretty decently too.

I like seeing this at a price point well below $1000.

Benchmark scores

Now that we talked about performance with real-life games let’s look at some benchmarking scores. Now I like to run a lot of the 3dmark tests on my PC reviews.

We will start with Time Spy, which is a DirectX 12 test, and we got a score there of 2750, and you look at that compared to the i3 computer that we built a little while ago with a 1050 TI that was slightly overclocked.

You can see this is really in line, pretty good when you look at its graphics scores.

The CPU will be a little faster because this is an i-5 versus the i3 that we have on that test machine, but I think that’s where it lines up about where the 1050 TI will be on the Nvidia site if you had it plugged into the same motherboard.

If you’re looking at this as perhaps an entry point for virtual reality, it will support the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive array on the Steam VT benchmark.

It is in the ready category, which means that it will be able to sustain the 90 frames per second that both of the current VR platforms require, so I think you’ll have a good experience with it.

With all the VR stuff that’s out there, it will get obsoleted a little faster, perhaps as VR evolves because, again, it is lower-end hardware, is that lower end of the scale as far as the reading is concerned.

But anything that’s outright in 2017, I think it will do quite well on this platform and a great way to get your feet wet with VR without having to buy a costly rig to do it.

And now, on the 3D mark stress test, which measures whether or not temperature becomes an issue, the computer is placed under load. We got a passing score of 99.3%, which means there wasn’t any real noticeable degradation in performance the hotter it got.

It was able to get that heat moved out of that case pretty efficiently, and it’s no surprise.

It’s only fault-noise

It has excellent airflow in there. It’s got a lot of fans on it also. Unfortunately, that’s it’s the only fault is the amount of fan noise, and I hear out of this it’s got like a low hum you’ll listen to all the time, it’s not a wind tunnel, it doesn’t get louder, but it’s always there even when you’re just idling at the Windows desktop.

So if you are susceptible to annoyances by fan noises, this will undoubtedly be something that might annoy you, and online, I think this might be wrong with the GPU fan.

I’m hearing a little bit of a whistle coming out of that GPU fan on there. It’s not a quiet PC by any stretch, but it is a very good value, I think.

Overall thoughts

You’s be hard-pressed to build something with all of these components for the same price, and when you factor in the Windows license, you’re probably easily $100 over the $720 price point that they’re selling this at, so really competitively priced pre-built PC.

The case is excellent, and you could work on later, so if you are maybe thinking about becoming a PC tinkerer, this might be a perfect place to start because you’ve got something assembled.

Over time if you want to add a new GPU or swap out drives, you can begin to wrenching on it if you want and get a good entry point from here with a case that I think will last a good long time.

It’s got a decent power supply at 600 W as well, so it will allow for more powerful GPUs down the road. So good stuff overall if you’re looking for a cheap gaming Pc. I see no problem recommending this one.

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