Call Center Attrition Rate: Can it be improved?

How to improve call center attrition rate.

Based on reports, the Call Center Business is the highest when it comes to attrition rate compared to other industries. Believe it or not, it reaches a whopping 50% annually. This is concerning because it gives out the wrong impression that the call center is an unstable industry to work for.

Companies should focus more on how to keep their employees happy and satisfied. A higher salary isn’t always the answer. Most employees look for a sense of stability and security in the company that they work for. Self-improvement and development are also some of the things that an employee looks for when they start building their careers. Constant training and improvement for the employees as does, a pleasant working environment, and an attractive compensation package should be more than enough to make sure that employees would see a long career in the company.

Companies should also avoid fast-tracked training and invest more in the development of their employees since this is going to be beneficial for them in the long run. This would prevent the need for constant hiring and firing because of the employee’s lack of skills or knowledge on the task at hand. Continuous training will help ensure that the employees are well equipped to do the jobs that are assigned to them.

Call Center Crash Course, Does It Help?

During the early years of the call center industry, one of the most in-demand services is English proficiency, since customer service and outbound telemarketing for the US that time was something relatively new to Filipinos. Excellent command of the English language is a must, and we have to admit that those kinds of training helped a lot.

Now, as years go by, because of the rapid growth of the industry and the huge demand of agents it entails, most BPO companies decided to do in-house training, fusing it with the company’s existing training procedure, which helps them save time and of course money.

Because of this, the need for training services from third party companies had lessened dramatically. During its silence, a new breed of training centers came out, the call center training institutes that offer short term courses for people who want to enter the call center industry. They provide basic training such as grammar, American culture, geography, and a little bit of everything.

I would say it’s a good idea. Still, if you would want to be a competitive candidate for any call center, it would take more than a crash course to get you in, especially if you are competing with other candidates that already had call center experiences.

I’ve done recruitment before for a call center in Ortigas, and I would say that I’m not that impressed with applicants that boast about their call center training. I’m not saying that they are terrible, all I’m trying to say is, if I want myself trained, I would want to know what’s important.

What I’m pointing out is to go more in-depth and focus on the essential parts. If you’re going to train call center agents, educate them on phone skills, phone ethics, build confidence, spontaneity, and teach them to think on their feet. Most of the applicants I interviewed before can’t even look straight at me and can’t also express themselves.


The bottom line is, for people out there who are planning to take training courses for call center, look at what they have to offer, what’s their training program and what does it cover. For those who are doing training and are planning to do call center training, consider my words as pieces of advice, all of those came from first-hand experiences.

Written by Alexis Elena

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