Best Electric Shaver for Head in 2020

best electric shaver for head

Nowadays, we see a lot of sharp-looking people with bold heads. It’s genuinely understandable, with so many electric shavers for head on the market, you can choose the one suitable for your particular needs.

With men such as Dwayne Johnson that are supporting men with hair-free heads, the ladies are digging those with shiny heads. Who can blame them?

However, shaving your head can be frustrating without proper tools. If you’ve ever done this before, you know that it requires time to perfect the right moves for the perfect outcome. Without the right electric shaver, you will find it difficult to maneuver it around your head and in the places that are difficult to reach.

Worry no longer, in this review we have the best models that you can currently find. Best of all, you don’t have to spend all of your money on the device.

Now, you may ask yourself, how do I know which one to choose from such a long list? The answer is simple. Take a look at the guide below as it tells you what features to look for when purchasing.

Picking Out the Best Electric Shaver for Head

Power – Corded or Cordless?

Figure out where you are most likely going to shave your head. Is it in the bathroom or the bedroom? The argument is just as old as to be or not to be.

If you’re the type to touch-up on your looks wherever you are, we recommend that you look at the cordless models. This way, you will ensure that you can shave your head wherever you find yourself in the world.

Whereas, if you like to do things in the comfort of your own home, a corded model should be the right choice for your needs. Whether you find yourself in the bathroom, bedroom, or other special rooms in your home, there should be a socket nearby. I bet that you can see at least two outlets in proximity.

Technology – Wet or Dry?

If you’re the type to brush, wash, and shave in the shower, look at the waterproof models. These units will not damage or give you an electrical shock if you keep them under the water – at least we hope so.

Side note: Please don’t shave in the shower if the unit is water-resistant. This keyword stands for when a unit can handle splashes of water. The device must not be submerged underwater.

For the water-resistant models, you will be able to remove the head of the shaver and wash it. You should clean the device itself should with a brush. Don’t worry; we will tell you which is which in the product specifications.

Ease of Use – To Clean or Not to Clean?

It’s important to understand that to get a clean-cut, the blades must be clear of any unwanted hairs. So, whether you get your mom, partner, or yourself to do it, someone has to do the cleaning.

The quality of the shaver will be severely affected if you don’t clean the shaver head. The reason for this is because it won’t remove the tiny hairs, so your head won’t have the desired shine to it. 

Some models have removable heads that you can remove and rinse under the water, whereas some units have individual compartments integrated where tiny hairs will gather together. All that you will need to do is to remove the cap and wash the dirt from those compartments.

As you can see, cleaning the device is simple, so there shouldn’t be any excuses. Now that you know what some of the key features are in the decision making, let’s take a look at what models are currently on the market that is worthy of your time and money.

Top 6 Best Electric Shaver for Head

1. Pitbull Shaver Pro

Pitbull Shaver Pro

The unique design of the skull shaver is outstanding. It truly is an industry leader when it comes to the best electric shaver for the head. The signature ergonomic handle will allow you to grip the unit comfortably so that you can move it around your head and face. It doesn’t require hairstyling lessons to figure out how the shaver works.

All of the four heads will cover all parts and bumps of the head so that you can reach to the tight spots. Furthermore, the Japanese stainless-steel is hypoallergenic, and it allows for 360-degree countering. Thus, you can use it even if you have sensitive skin. Also, the head will flex automatically around the curves to ensure the removal of the tiny hairs.

You will benefit from the perfect close shave due to the multi-directional heads that will move in any direction you wish. The floating heads will travel across your head, jawline, and neck smoothly. At no extra price, you will receive the 4-blades and the 3-blades heads so that you can get more for your money.

Made with an IPX5 water-resistance technology, it means that you can use it for a wet or dry shave. As it’s cordless, you can shave wherever you find yourself. Due to the minimal size of the electric shaver, you can keep the device in your car, drawer, or your traveling bag. Watch out for the LED lights as the green light will let you know that the battery will last for more than 10 minutes, and the red light will remind you that the battery will last for less than 10 minutes.

  • Made with worldwide voltage compatibility
  • It comes with a USB charger
  • Special compartment to gather the fine hair clippings
  • Two blades included at the price of one
  • Customer service could be improved

2. AsaVea 5-in-1 Grooming Kit

AsaVea 5-in-1 Grooming Kit

If you’re someone that likes to get the most for their money, take a look at this model. In the package, you will find an electric shaver accompanied by a grooming kit. You will find a nose trimmer head, deep cleaning facial brush, facial massage head, hair trimmer, and the 5-head electric shaver head.

Made with a 5-head floating head, you will be able to reach to the tight areas with ease. It will go around the contours of your head and face so you can benefit from a clean shave. Furthermore, it also has a large contact area to prevent irritation and to cover as much area as possible quickly. By using the tools included for free, you will soften stubble, shape your beard, and cleanse your face.

The ergonomic design of the electric shaver will provide a controlled shaving experience. Hence, you will feel comfortable to maneuver it around the head and face. The advanced pattern of the cutting heads will provide a customizable experience regardless of the variable hair lengths. Thus, it will get rid of stubble, fine hairs, and hidden away hairs.

Additionally, it also has HyperFlex technology to provide a smooth transition between the face and the neck. So, you will benefit from ultimate contact between the electric shaver and the hairs that you want to remove. Use the massage brush to prepare the strands and the pores for the shave to prevent irritation.

  • Shaver heads are washable
  • Suitable to use in the shower
  • Smooth transition at the base of the skull
  • Suitable for ear hair trimming
  • The battery doesn’t last for a long time

3. Philips Norelco S1560/81 Shaver

Philips Norelco S156081 Shaver

For smooth results, you must take a look at this model. This electric shaver for the head is convenient, and it will guarantee smooth results after every shave. The unique Close Cut Blade system will provide sharp cuts for all types of hairs. Furthermore, the blades are self-sharpening, which means that you don’t have to worry about any maintenance work.

The head has 4-directional flex technology. Hence, they move automatically in 4 different directions to adjust according to your specific bumps and curves. In comparison with the other models, this unit has a pop-up trimmer. Therefore, you don’t have to change heads regularly. The ergonomic design of the device will allow you to use it with minimal effort on your behalf.

This model is so popular is because it’s so convenient and easy to use. For example, when it needs cleaning, simply tap the designated area, and it will open instantly. As it has a lithium battery, when fully charged, it will provide you with up to 14 shaves.

At no extra price, you will receive a protection cap. Use this cap to prevent the shaving head from damaging when not in use. Watch out for the LED display as it will tell you when the shaver is running on a low battery.

  • Trimmer can be used for moustache and sideburns
  • Made to operate cordless
  • The head is fully washable
  • It comes with 2-years warranty
  • It doesn’t work when charging

4. Vsmooth 5 in 1 Kit

Vsmooth 5 in 1 Kit

All people must have a kit for their grooming ritual. So, why not this one? By purchasing this kit, you will receive five different tools. Inside of the package, you will find the sponge that will prepare your skin, a facial cleansing brush, a precision trimmer, an electric shaver, and a nose/ear hair trimmer. 

This kit will allow you to take care of your head and face. The body of the electric shaver has an ergonomic design for a controlled experience. Also, through the HyperFlex technology, it will ensure a smooth transition from the neck, base of the skull, and to the head. The ultimate contact ability will provide a clean finish.

Additionally, the pattern of the blades on the shaving head will cut all types of hairs within a few strokes. Hence, you don’t have to worry if you have short or hidden hairs. The precision trimmer will allow you to clean up the beard according to your preferences and exact needs. So, you can have a shiny bold head, and an envied long beard.

The reason why this is one of the best electric shavers for head is because of the convenient features. The LED display will let you know of a range of information such as the battery capacity, whether it’s charging, low battery indicator, and the remaining shaving time. As it’s USB chargeable, you can take the kit wherever you’re traveling.

  • It will cut variable hair lengths
  • The neck of the shaver will flex automatically
  • Easy to clean heads
  • Advanced LED display
  • Limited warranty period

5. Kibiy Electric Shaver

Kibiy Electric Shaver

The 5D precision of the rotary blades will provide a smooth shave of facial and head hair. The five blades are in strategic places to cover as much area as possible. Thus, the razors will reach tight areas around bumps and curves. The results will be a smooth and close shave. To get the perfect shave, use the included trimmer for the hairs that measure less than 5mm.

The model mentioned also comes as a kit. So, inside the package, you will find four different attachments. Use the electric shaver head for the face and head, the facial cleansing brush to remove dirt and impurities, and the trimmer for nose/ear hair. Also, the hair clipper will allow you to style your beard according to your preferences.

Whether you prefer a wet or dry shave, you can use this unit without worries. As it’s waterproof, you can also use it in the shower. In comparison, with many other models, this unit has noise reduction technology. Thus, you can use it wherever you find yourself. When you turn it on, watch out for the LED display as it will tell you the percentage of the battery.

The superior quality of the blades will prevent irritation and redness. Therefore, you can use the item with confidence, even if you have sensitive skin. The egg-shape of the electric shaver will allow you to take proper control of it so you can hold it firmly when using it.

  • Made with global voltage technology
  • Easy to operate by elders
  • Suitable to use for those that want to style beards
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • The blades are not self-sharpening



This electric shaver has 3-direction blades that will move in perfect combination according to the contour of your head and face. The close-fitting contact will ensure a smooth shave while preventing irritation and hair-pulling. Also, the round edges will reduce friction for a comfortable experience when shaving.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer wet or dry shaving. The unit will fit according to your preferences regardless if you’re shaving dry, using foam, or other oils. Furthermore, the 3D floating heads will automatically adapt to cut without causing damages to the skin. With unique double rings, it will guarantee a deep shave each time.

Even though it has a high-speed motor, you will be pleased with how quiet it is. The thin spherical cutter net will remove short and fine hairs from all areas. Moreover, the steel blades are self-sharpening, which means that you don’t have to worry about replacement heads. With a large hair storage box, the shave will be quick and easy without any residue left behind.

As the whole unit is waterproof, you can shave your head and face in the shower. Use the pop-up trimmer to style your beard or facial hair. With the travel lock feature, you can take the shaver on airplanes and other means of transportation.

  • Made with intelligent LED display
  • Smart design for a close shave
  • It will adjust automatically
  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Long beards have to be trimmed first
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