Best Drones Under 100$ (Review & Buying Guide)

best drones under 100

You have finally realized that it’s time to look into purchasing a drone. All of your friends have now got one, and you’re the only one left missing out on the fun. That’s a shame. It means that you haven’t discovered the endless possibilities you could do with a drone and the amount of joy it brings.

We have created this review to provide you with smart and innovative models, yet they are cheap and practical. They won’t put a dent in your pocket, and you will learn how to maneuver a drone properly.

It isn’t uncommon to find the best drones under 100 bucks. Since the first innovative model’s release, companies have continuously designed drones to make them suitable for all types of budgets. Thus, all that you have to do is to fly them safe and responsible.

It’s worth noting that before you fly any drone, you need to get a certificate to show to the authorities that you have the authorization to fly one. Please don’t panic; it’s straightforward to get this piece of paper. The most work will go into picking the best drone for you.

So, which model is one of the best drones under 100$?

10 Best Drones Under 100$: Quick Overview

1. Ryze Tello

This drone is exactly what you need if you’re a novice. It’s fun and durable. The micro done is so small that it can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It only weighs an impressive 80 grams. You can easily control it from the Tello app.

This drone is so simple to fly that all you need to do to get it started is to throw it in the air and control it with your phone with a simple tap. It has been designed with a precision position system so it will be able to hover over an area without getting affected by strong winds. It has two antennas to ensure that you never lose signal. The camera has 720p quality.


The flight time of this model is 13 minutes. This is more than enough time to play around and capture incredible images. You have plenty of time to explore your surroundings. It has a transmission of 400ft which means that you will not feel limited by keeping it close to the ground.

  • It can detect obstacles so it doesn’t collide
  • The audible alarm will let you know when the battery is low
  • It has been designed with EZ shots camera to allow you filming whilst flying in a circle
  • The FailSafe mode ensures an eased landing even when you lose control
  • It doesn’t come with LED light

2. Holy Stone F181W

Just like the other superior models, this drone has also been created with excellent camera quality. With the 120 degrees HD and real-time WiFi transmission, you will see exactly what the camera sees in high resolution. The multiple motors will fly towards the direction you want.

In addition to this, you will be thoroughly pleased that it has the Return Home feature. This means that in case you lose it, it will always return to the transmitter. It has a reliable fly system that will make the drone hover in the exact spot you want.


When you compare it to the Ryze Tello model, this product has a lower flight time as it can fly up to 10 minutes. However, this is more than enough time to capture sights. They have similar features and it all depends on how much money you are willing to spend.

3. Holy Stone HS160

You will be thoroughly pleased to know that this is a foldable model. It has been made from ABS plastic, which means that you do not have to worry if you force it while you are folding the drone. When it’s folded, it measures 140 x 67 x 30 mm. This is as much as a standard smartphone. In addition to this, it will be able to hold the altitude and maintain a specific height always so you can capture pictures and videos that are not blurry.

The product has been designed with 4-speeds. This means that it’s suitable for both beginners and professionals. It will be able to break through the wind without problems. The drone has been created with a gravity sensor, which means you can direct it by tilting your phone.

Taking all of this into consideration, you will find that this is another excellent model. It has a flight time of up to 9 minutes. It will still allow you to explore your surroundings and environment.


When you compare it to the Holy Stone F181W, you will notice that there’s only a minute difference. To fully charge it, it takes up to 70 minutes. Thus, it gets charged much faster than many of its competitors. When you take into consideration all of the smart features this model has, this is definitely one of the best drones under 100.

4. Syma X5SC-1

This product has been recently upgraded. Thus, all of the issues the customers have reported are now fixed. This item has been designed with closed off motors and pinion gears. This means that it doesn’t matter what weather conditions you are flying in. Dust, dirt, and debris will not be able to reach inside and ruin the drone or camera’s efficiency.

Even though it’s noisier than the other models, it’s not loud enough to disturb your neighbors. In addition to this, the 6-axis gyroscope will allow you to fly it in high winds. The drone has been created with the latest technology that features anti-interference. Thus, you can fly more than one drone around it.


When you compare it to the Holy Stone HS160, you will notice that this fly does have a shorter flight time. This model will last up to 6 minutes if you fly it continuously. However, you do have to remember that you can fly it for up to 15 minutes without filming. You can take full advantage of the fact that it has a LED light so you can use it at night. Nonetheless, if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a drone, but you still want a good model, you should know that this model is for you.

5. Syma X5C-1

This is another model created with a camera quality that can reach a 720p resolution rating. All of the images and videos you take will be automatically saved on the SD card. For how much the drone costs, it still has one of the best features. The drone can be controlled through a remote control that requires 4 AA batteries.

The model has a low range transmission, which means that you can fly it indoors without a problem. With the other models, you would have to be a professional to know how to do this. To keep it to the same altitude, you will have to release the throttle. Thus, it makes it even more suitable for beginners.


Overall, this is a great model to purchase if you want a cheap drone. The majority of people who purchase it, use it to get to know how to handle a drone. The flight time is of 7 minutes so you have enough time to improve your knowledge. When compared to the Syma X5SC-1, you can see that it flies for a minute more. This drone is affordable which makes it one of the best drones under 100.


This RC drone is designed with a 720P HD monster camera. If you connect your smartphone with the drone, you will view the photos or videos you take directly onto your phone. You also have the option to store what you capture on your device or in the app that comes with it.

To control the drone, you have to download the app. You can split the screen 180° and section the viewing screen in two. In addition to this, you can also lock the height and hover area, ensuring a stable hover that will not get affected by the air pressure. When you are done with it, you can fold it into a convenient size.


The flight time of this model is up to 9 minutes. This is more than enough time to take the perfect shot of whatever scenery, person or wilderness. It has a charging time of up to a maximum of 70 minutes and you can do it wherever you are as the quadcopter battery uses 3.7-volts. This drone under 100 will offer you the best features at a small price.

7. DROCON Cyclone X708

This drone is excellent for newbies as it has been created with Wi-Fi transmission. Its superior camera has been designed with 720P. Just like the EACHINE E58 drone, it also has the automatic return feature where it will automatically return to you regardless of how high or far it is. You will never lose it.

Enjoy high-resolution images and live feed videos straight onto your smartphone. This drone has been made in an aesthetic way that ensures a smooth landing. The edges are so defined that it will reduce the air resistance, so it doesn’t just drop. Even if you do drop it a few times, you do not have to worry. It will maintain the same efficiency over several years.


This item is one of the best drones under 100. Compared with the EACHINE E58 model, it takes 80 minutes to get charged, but it can fly up to 10 minutes. That 1 minute can make a huge difference when you are outdoors, and you cannot charge it.

8. Holy Stone HS170 Predator

This drone can be used for multiple things. It comes with 2.4G technology, which means that you can use more than one drone around it. It will not lose its signal. Furthermore, you can also fly it at a high range as you will never have to worry about losing it.

Just like the DROCON Cyclone X708W, you will notice that it also has a system where it can fully rotate and fly in whatever direction you set it to. The greatest thing about it is the fact that, it will not fly away in high winds or harsh weather conditions.


If you want a drone under 100 to use it for more than one thing, you should consider purchasing this model. More expensive models such as the EACHINE E58 model, have a flight time of 9 minutes. Well, this model has a flight time of 8. Not that far off and much cheaper.

9. Holy Stone HS200

This is another model that has been designed with a 720P HD camera. It has been created with 2MP and 1280 x 720P resolution. You will be able to capture incredible clear pictures and videos with your smartphone. One of its smart features is the fact that you can set it so that it safely hovers in a specific area at a particular height. This means that you can set it according to your specific needs.

In addition to this, you can control the way it’s traveling by moving your smartphone. Thus, if you want it to go left, you turn your phone left. You never have to worry about losing it as it has the one-key feature, and you can control it even if it’s not in your immediate sight.


In conclusion, this is a great model to purchase if you are passionate about drones. The camera has a superior quality and it’s worth every penny. When you compare it with the Holy Stone HS170, you can notice that it has far more innovative features. It has a flight time of 10 minutes. Similarly, to the other excellent models. This is definitely one of the best drones under 100.

10. Revell Control C-me-Go

This model will be one of the best options in the market if you’re looking for a drone that combines an affordable price with dozens of. From a design perspective, this drone features a plastic lightweight construction available in 4 colors from which you can choose from (black, purple, red, and teal).

The main body has four attached propellers that are covered with rubberized dampeners to prevent the vibrations as much as possible and maintain the quality of the footage you`re recording. You can operate the Revell Control C-me-Go with the included controller over a USB cable or use the free mobile app that comes with Wi-Fi integration.


In comparison with the Holy Stone HS170 Predator, this drone flies for 10 minutes. The other model flies for only 8. Even though this item is cheaper, it has smart features that make it suitable for beginners and professionals as well. Thus, whoever you categorize yourself to be doesn’t matter. The same efficiency applies to newbies and tech geeks.

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