10 Best Affordable Smartwatch (Reviews & Comparison)

best affordable smartwatch

The wearable technology has become a must-have piece. The good news is that nowadays there are heaps of options that are available to choose from. Each new generation is much smarter than the previous one. Thus, you’re not limited in choice.

Whether you want the smartwatch to track your fitness, receive notifications, or browse the internet, we have included the most affordable smartwatches that you can currently find. Don’t worry, even though they’re cheap, they’re not any less advanced. The models included in this review will perfom just as well as the ones costing over $200.

Even though Apple were one of the first brands to introduce smartwatches, many other companies have come up with their own version. As you read through the review below, you will quickly notice that they perform just as good as the ones from the big brands such as Apple and Samsung.

Here is our list of the best affordable smartwatches currently available.

Best Affordable Smartwatches

1. YAMAY Smartwatch – Best for iPhone and Android Smartphones

YAMAY Smartwatch

Whether you want the watch to keep up with your active lifestyle or to keep you connected, this is the right model for your needs. Made with numerous features that you can benefit from, this affordable smartwatch is one of the best models that you can find.

By wearing this watch, you can accurately track your steps, distance, duration time, and calories throughout the day. As it supports up to 14 tracking modes, it can keep up with your lifestyle. Additionally, download the VeryFitPro app to see the map of your heart rate status. With the help of the watch, you can adjust to your everyday life for a healthier life.

To ensure that you connect to your phone, you can receive a range of notifications right on the watch’s screen. View who is calling, who sent a message, and view emails. You can also read the messages through the watch or any other notification from your calendar or social media. Furthermore, you can also download a range of apps so you can navigate on the platforms without your smartphone.

By purchasing this model, you will also benefit from a range of practical features. For example, the watch will track your sleeping cycle, and you can set up to 10 alarms and vibration modes. Set the alarms as a wakeup call or as reminders. Moreover, through the device, you can also set up the stopwatch or countdown timers. Set up the watch with the GPS on your phone to view maps on your wrist.

  • Battery life up to 10 days
  • Suitable for men, women, and kids
  • Designed with brightness adjustability
  • High-sensitivity HD color screen
  • May not work with Samsung Galaxy J Series

2. Letsfit ID205L – Best Fitness Tracker

Letsfit ID205L

With a large display measuring 1.3 inches, you can understand and track your exercising routine better than ever before. View the data vividly with full-color technology to understand your lifestyle. With an IP68 waterproof ability, you can wear the watch while exercising in the rain or swimming.

Track the number of steps you’ve taken in a day, week, or month. Additionally, watch the calories burn throughout the day, distance traveled, and choose between the multi-sport mode. The watch will be helpful in the gym and outdoors. Check out the data while hiking, walking, spinning, climbing, and on the treadmill.

The watch will also allow you to keep up with your everyday life. Check who is calling, read Whatsapp messages, reject incoming calls, and read the set-up reminders. To keep you motivated, you can set up medals and goals. The watch will push you to meet the goals that you can set for the week or month.

In comparison with the others, this watch goes beyond a smartwatch. The reason is that you can use it for stress training in your everyday life or during yoga. Additionally, you can also control the music right from your wrist with the help of this watch. To take it a step further, it can resist up to 40 days in standby mode.

  • Wear the watch while swimming
  • Check notifications from any social media platform
  • Large screen makes the information easy to read
  • Made with GPS connectivity
  • No replacement strap option

3. Willful Smartwatch – Best for Practical Features

Willful Smartwatch

Something many people have complained about when it comes to expensive smartwatches is practicality. Look no further; this watch will offer you smart and practical features. Connect it to your iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 and above to stay connected even when you’re not near your smartphone.

Similarly, with the other models mentioned, through the help of this device, you can track your calories, several steps, and distance. Choose between the nine sports mode, whether you’re hiking, climbing, running indoors, and outdoors. Connect it to the phone’s GPS to remain safe while working out outdoors. Use the GPS feature to view maps while driving and walking.

Additionally, the watch will also monitor your heart rate in real-time 24/7. The advanced sensor will build a graph so you can analyze the data. Through the VeryFitPro app, you can view when was the maximum or minimum heart rate during the day. Also, the watch will analyze your sleeping behavior and show you when you were during REM sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep. Use the ten different vibrations mode to wake you up.

Furthermore, the watch will show you who is calling, messaging, or trying to reach you through social media. If set, it will vibrate to remind you about important information. While you cannot reject calls, you can view who messaged and parts of the message. Since it’s one of the most practical smartwatches, you can control your music, set up stopwatches, and timers. In addition to this, you can use the breathing guide to relax during the day.

  • Battery will last 30-days in standby
  • View the outdoor workout map
  • Large screen measures 1.5”
  • Multiple clock faces to choose from
  • Some found it difficult to sync it properly

4. UMIDIGI Smartwatch – Best for Minimal Design

UMIDIGI Smartwatch

If you’re not a fashionista or if you like minimal things, you will love this watch. The minimal design of the smartwatch will bring minimal attention to itself. Choose between four different colors for it to match your style. Additionally, it can also quickly sync with your Apple or Android device.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can use this smartwatch to track your lifestyle. Right on your wrist, you can view the number of steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and your heart rate. If you wish, you can also set up goals and metals to motivate you towards a healthy life. Furthermore, the watch will monitor your heart rate throughout day and night. Then, you can analyze the data to check your heart health.

As it’s suitable for up to 9 sports modes, you can control the music while working out. There’s no need to take out your phone to adjust the volume or to change the song. Also, the watch will create a map of your workout so you can view the pace, route, and distance. The watch is water-resistant so that you can wear outdoors during light or heavy rain.

If you set it up, the watch will vibrate to ensure that you don’t miss out on the reminders. Also, you will be able to view parts of the messages that you receive through your phone number or on social media. In comparison with the other smartwatches, this model will support Huawei, OnePlus, and Xiaomi cell phones.

  • Set up alarms and reminders
  • Suitable with any social media platforms
  • Designed with a breathing guide
  • It will remind you to move
  • Some say it may disconnect unexpectedly

5. UMIDIGI Uwatch2 – Best for Accuracy


Made in 2019, you can rely on this smartphone to provide you with the information that matters. Many customers praise this model for precise tracking ability. Thus, it will smartly monitor your heart rate, daily exercise data, and sleeping pattern. Additionally, it will also give you real-time notifications regarding phone calls or messages.

The pedometer feature means that you will always be able to view the number of steps, calories, distance traveled, pace, and duration of the exercise. Also, it will continuously monitor your heart rate so you can view when your heart was pumping the most. By finding out the comfortable heart rate for you, you will be able to exercise better.

Another feature that you can rely on is the sleep monitor. The watch will monitor your sleep regardless if you’re taking a nap or not. Once it gathers the data, you can analyze and discover your particular sleep behavior. As it will automatically adjust the brightness depending on the environment it is in; you can check the time and data in complete darkness.

As it functions the same as the expensive models, the watch will vibrate when a message has come through or when someone is calling. On the watch, you can view the details of the sender and the content of the message. Set up reminders for the important stuff, and the watch will vibrate to remind you of them. It will also act as a sedentary reminder, so you don’t sit down for too long.

  • Control the music from your wrist
  • Control the phone’s camera timer
  • Choose from 9 different watch faces
  • Made with 2.5D curved tempered glass
  • Sleep data will automatically reset

6. ANBES ID205L – Best for Battery Life


Designed with a battery that will last for more than a week with normal use, you can rely on this smartwatch. The heart rate monitor will record data 24/7, and you can check the monitor at any time you wish during the day and night. Also, the large 1.3” full-color display will ensure that you can read the numbers with minimal strain on your eyes.

The breathing guide will teach you how to breathe to calm yourself down. So, when you’re in stressful situations, the stopwatch will remind you to calm down and to breathe. Additionally, the sleep monitor will provide you with a clear breakdown of how the last night’s sleep was. It will show you when you were during light, deep, and awake sleep.

Unlike the majority of the models on the market, you can use the stopwatch to hang up on calls right from your wrist. The light vibration will tell you when someone is calling, messaging, or is trying to contact you through social media. Never miss important messages as you can view the message through the watch. You will also be able to control the music to push through the workouts or the day.

As it has a waterproof design, you can wear the watch during a range of activities, including swimming. Wear the watch during unpredictable weather regardless if it’s raining heavily. Set the timer or stopwatch through the watch without going near your phone.

  • Set up a number of alarms
  • Made with sedentary reminders
  • Suitable for up to 9 activity modes
  • Sleep tracking is automatic
  • Customer service could be improved

7. Pradory Topffy-0731 – Best for Children

Pradory Topffy-0731

Keeping your child safe is one of the main priorities. Thus, you can use this smartwatch as your helping hand. The reason why this is one of the best choices for children is that you can introduce a SIM card into the watch. Those that wear the watch will be able to call and receive phone calls.

In case you don’t want to complicate things, you can connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth. Made with a 360MHz frequency, you can be up to 33ft away from your cell phone and still receive notifications. Through this watch, you can receive and answer your calls and messages. The anti-lost feature will ensure that you never lose your watch.

The watch will also keep up with your healthy lifestyle. The smartwatch will monitor the number of steps, calories burned, and the distance traveled. The sedentary reminder will tell you that you need to get up and move. Furthermore, the sleep monitor will gather data to show you the quality of your sleep. Therefore, you can make changes to live a better and healthier life.

In comparison with the others, this watch has an HD camera. Hence, you can take pictures straight from your wrist. Also, you can control your cell phone camera by using the watch. To ensure further convenience, you can also set up to 6 different alarms and play music.

  • It will support 32 GB storage card
  • TFT High Resolution display screen
  • High compatibility with all phones
  • Two-way anti-lost feature
  • The set-up instructions are not clear

8. Amazfit Bip – Best Apple Look-alike

Amazfit Bip

Xiaomi Amazfit BIP is by far one of the best cheap smartwatches you can find on the auto market. It may, at first glance, look like an Apple Watch clone made of plastic, but things aren’t quite like that. The two models may look similar from the aesthetic point of view, but they are in totally different categories.

This device is more of a fitness tracker than a smartwatch, but it comes with many features on the package. It also has the best battery life of all the models presented, so if this is the most important criteria for you, then you should not ignore this model. With notifications set to a minimum level, 30-minute pulse monitoring, and sleep monitoring off, this smartwatch can run for up to 40 days without charging.

The device also has an integrated GPS, something rarely found in this price category. And even if the frame is made of plastic, it is quite robust, and the display comes with a Gorilla Glass 3 protective layer on the outside.

In addition to monitoring the steps, sleep, pulse, and daily activities, Amazfit BIP also offers notifications when connected to the phone. However, we’ve noticed that the signal drops in quality if you have the phone placed at more than 3-4 meters away.

  • Display always on
  • Great battery life
  • GPS included
  • 3-4m connectivity range

9. Huawei Watch GT – Best for Design

Huawei Watch GT

The Huawei Watch GT is a smartwatch with an impressive design. From the very beginning, we can realize that we have a device for fashion lovers with robust construction and many useful functions. The 1.39-inch AMOLED color display is very successful – still not comparable to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch.

This model comes with an internal memory of 128MB and one of the best batteries in this price range. The autonomy varies between 5 and 12 days, depending on the settings level. Huawei Watch GT comes with a heart rate sensor, compass, barometer, gyroscope, and ambient light sensor. You will be able to receive notifications when synchronized with the Huawei Health app.

The device also has an integrated GPS, something rarely found in this price category. And even if the frame is made of plastic, it is quite robust, and the display comes with a Gorilla Glass 3 protective layer on the outside.

The accuracy of the measurements is quite accurate only because the software does not allow synchronization with other established health tracking applications. It comes with a sleep monitoring function, but this device is not one with which you can sleep at night. Even during the day, it has moments when it can become uncomfortable. Therefore we could not consider Huawei Watch GT the best smartwatch in this category, but it is a strong competitor.

  • Quality materials
  • AMOLED Display
  • Good battery life
  • Small application library

10. Amazfit Stratos – Best for Multisport

Amazfit Stratos

If you are passionate about sports, you can opt for this model, Xiaomi smartwatch, unisex, specially created to monitor your activity. It offers you the opportunity to record up to 12 different sports, including running, tennis, ski, cycling, swimming (it is water-resistant with 5 atm, and can be submerged up to 50 m). It offers you relevant data on heart rate, distance traveled, calories consumed, but also monitors your sleep quality.

It’s easy to connect it with your smartphone to display incoming calls, messages, notifications, and other apps from your mobile phone. The battery offers good autonomy, up to 5 days in normal operation, and 11 days only for basic functions. The dial is made of steel, round, with digital display and touchscreen. The silicone bracelet, black, is comfortable during movement. The side buttons allow easy navigation in the smartwatch menu.

  • Good Battery Life
  • Suitable for swimming
  • Easy navigation
  • Display can get easily scratched

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Affordable Smartwatch

Even though 15 to 20 years ago, smartwatches were something from an SF movie, you can now find cheap and good smartwatches to make your life easier. In addition to the standard functions of any watch, these models can be connected to the phone to receive notifications, being much more discreet and practical.

In case you want such a gadget, it’s important to figure out the selection criteria. Below, you will find the factors that you should consider when purchasing such an item.

Type – What features do you need the most?

Fitness – Some smartwatches are more practical than others. For example, a smartwatch can act as a fitness tracker. Through the integrated features, you will be able to view a range of information such as:

  • Calories burned
  • Number of steps
  • Heart rate

By wearing the watch throughout the day, you can track your fitness activity. If you suffer from heart-related diseases or if you want to improve your health, such smartwatch is a great choice. Nonetheless, do not be fooled, with such a watch, you can also view your messages, emails, and receive notifications right on your wrist.

Companion smartwatches – On the other hand, you also have the watches that act more like a wearable phone. If you want to browse the internet, view emails, or write messages, you need one that has all of these features integrated. The review includes a model that you can sync with your iPhone or Android phone. Thus, on the watch, you will be able to view incoming calls, text messages, and social media notifications. Bear in mind that these devices must connect through your smartphone through Bluetooth.

Features – How will a smartwatch help with everyday life?

As mentioned above, you will be able to do benefit from a range of features by using this wearable technology. Take a look at the list below:

  • Notifications – When someone rings or messages you through your number or social media, you can view the notification on the smartwatch. Through the device, you can find out the name and the context of the messages. Furthermore, you will know who has contacted you through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.
  • Music – In case you enjoy listening to musing when working out or chilling, the watch will help you to adjust it according to your preferences. Through it, you will be able to change the songs, adjust the volume, or change the playlist.
  • Track – The wearable technology will also provide useful information when it comes to your health. For example, it can track your sleeping pattern and behavior. So, you can view whether you wake up through the night, REM cycle, and how often you move in your sleep.
  • Apps – In case you want to know the weather forecast but you don’t have your phone nearby, you can check it on your smartwatch.

You may ask yourself, when is the right time to purchase such an item? The answer is, right now. As you know, when you’re behind the wheel, you cannot use your phone. A smartwatch is the alternative as it keeps you connected. Any time you’re away from your phone, you can use this wearable device.

Material – Are they safe?

The models within this review are made with extreme safety measures. So, in case you fall and the front breaks, the screen will shatter rather completely come off. The pieces are not a safety hazard. Furthermore, many of the models have Gorilla Glass. This means that the glass has chemicals added so that it cannot shatter easily.

Additionally, you will notice that the watches are either water-resistant or waterproof. These are two different terms that you need to understand:

  • Water-resistant – This term stands for when the watch is sweat-proof, moisture-proof, and resistant to a certain degree in water. So, you don’t have to worry when you splash the watch, it won’t damage. With such a watch, you can wash the leftovers from the dishes and workout when it’s raining, during misty mornings, or during high-humidity times.
  • Waterproof – If you like to swim, you will need a smartwatch that is waterproof. This term stands for the watches that are resistant to water under several feet under water. Thus, you can take a shower, scuba dive, or swim in the ocean or swimming pool while wearing it.

If you have sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry about being irritated by the watch. All of the models have a soft strap that will not irritate the skin even when you’re sweating. The watches are made from different materials so you have to choose which one best suits your needs.

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