ASUS VC279H Review 2020

A good monitor is essential for a PC environment. It carries the most weight in terms of the look and feel of a PC setup. Asus has come up with a monitor that is robust and affordable. The 27-inch ASUS VC279H monitor gives you a full HD 1080p ultra-wide visual working space for your tasks. Although this is not explicitly made for gamers, it provides a pretty stable experience while playing most games.

For better judgment, we need to take an in-depth look at this monitor. Let’s look at the details.

ASUS VC279H Review

ASUS VC279H Review

Build Quality

Asus always had an excellent outlook for all their products. ASUS VC279H follows the same pattern with 20 x 6.4 x 27.2 inches of sleek awesomeness. It weighs only 10.14 lbs. or 4.6 kilograms. With these physical aspects, it fits easily on a desk or a wall mount. It is made for general consumers and comes with a black colored appearance right out of the box.

The adjustable tilt feature helps you keep your screen at a comfortable angle. With 5 degrees forwards tilt and 20 degrees backward tilt, you can choose your preferable screen position.

100 x 100 mm VESA holes are included to facilitate the monitor’s wall mounting feature or to use along with an external stand.

Design and Features

Although many users complain about the thick bottom border, the ASUS VC279H does its jobs well for a single monitor setup. The top left and right bezels of the frame are practically non-existent. The 0.9mm of thickness on either side and the top is barely noticeable. The bottom bezel has all the setting buttons for adjustments. The controls are hidden away from sight, which gives it a neat and clean vibe.

The matte black appearance gives it a cleaner look. With this clean design, your PC environment’s look and feel will be vibing with professionalism and energy.

Screen & Display

The ASUS VC279H is a 27-inch monitor with 1920 x 1080 Full HD Display on a widescreen. It has a flicker-free, eye-care display that has an incredible 5ms response time. With a 60hz refresh rate and 16:9 aspect ratio, it can handle any workload you throw at it. The brightness reaches a maximum of 250 cd/m². It’s not actually an LED Screen but an LCD with LED backlighting.

It may not be robust enough to handle highly intensive games, but it can hold its stature while running most of them. Considering its affordable price tag, more than most of the monitors in the same price range can offer.

It has a 178° wide-angle view with IPS technology that decreases color shift on vertical and horizontal planes. This ensures high visual quality regardless of the orientation or perspective. The VividPixel technology exclusive to the manufacturers provides a finely tuned image quality on the ASUS VC279H.

The blue light filter in the ASUS VC279H protects your eyes from the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to monitors. The ASUS VC279H also comes with a light matte anti-glare screen coating. The standard flicker-free WLED backlight helps in terms of making your visual experience as smooth as possible.

These eye care features help you in the long term. Your sleep cycle and circadian rhythm are protected from blue light, keeping your eyes healthy and vigorous.

Input Hardware

There is a DVI port and an HDMI port on the ASUS VC279H. It is also equipped with a VGA port for those devices that are unequipped with modern technology. The ports are down-firing for ease of access in case of wall mounting. It detects the HDMI input by default. The monitor will ignore the VGA input as long as the HDMI is connected.

The external power supply provides it with 29.1 Watts of power.
The user controls are a bit tricky to handle. This aspect of the monitor might use a little improvement. The designers could’ve done a better job of designing the user control system. The hardware switches for the monitor settings are under the lower right corner and set downwards, forming the infamous ‘Asus Lip.’


The ASUS VC279H is equipped with two stereo speakers of 1.5 watts each. It also has a 3.5 mm audio jack, which is enough for primary sound output. The jack is used only for audio input, not audio output.

There have also been some comments about these speakers. Some consider these lousy speakers. They don’t have too much bass in them. Also, it does not have any built-in buttons for volume control. The volume has to be adjusted directly from the system.

You may use external speaks if the built-in speakers don’t suit your needs. If you are looking for good sound quality, maybe you should look elsewhere.

Final Verdict

When you are looking to buy a new monitor, the screen size and resolution come first. The response time and refresh rate come right after. The ASUS VC279H is a fantastic product at a reasonable price considering those options. It is extremely easy to set-up too.

For a product launched in 2015, it was way ahead of its time. And still, it is showing its charm to this day. It comes with a three-year limited warranty out of the box, which is hardly overkilling.

As it competes with its more expensive opponents, it is quite remarkable for a monitor with these specs at such an affordable price. It may not be a gamers’ daydream, but it can hold its own against the top dogs.

If you are someone looking for a product that will last for a long time while performing its essential duties relatively well, you’re in the right place. This monitor is unique in its available features at such a low price.

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