5 Essential Office Supplies You Need For Your Startup!

Essential office supplies for your startup

Your work environment is the representation of your professional persona. Every office needs to be decorated in an eye-catching manner. But what is more important is its functionality. Every office should have some basic supplies that not only make it super functional but also make it pleasant to work in.

Essential Office Supplies:

There are office supplies that are too obvious, such as electricity, tables, and chairs, office racks, coffee machines, etc. and then there are such gadgets and tools that are more advanced. Technology has changed everything. The files and spreadsheets were in physical forms not long ago, but today, everything is virtual. So, if you want to start an office, your setup must be as advanced as they come. Without technology, an office startup would collapse. For example, lack of internet access will cause a lot of trouble and will affect office performance. Therefore, the following are the five essential office supplies that every startup should have:

  • Stable Internet for Communication and Research
  • Data Management Software
  • Media Center for Presentation and Entertainment
  • Cloud Services for Data Storage
  • Wireless Gadgets

1. Internet

The Internet was a luxury to have just a few years back. But now there is not a single office without the internet. The reason is that the internet has become a necessity. But we will go a bit further and say that just an internet connection is not enough; it has to be stable and fast.

If the connection was to be disturbed even for a few hours, your public relations could go at stake, and your work might get discontinued. Eventually, it could lead to a total disaster. Other basic office functions that are performed through the internet:

  • Research: An office or work cannot survive if it is not updated with time. Today, advancements are brought about by the hours. Books, journals, newspapers, etc. can no longer serve the purpose of research. It is the internet which is responsible for such an essential office function.
  • Communication: we have already seen how the internet is the primary source of communication. Additionally, conferences and meetings are also held through the internet in the form of video calls from all over the world.
  • Data management: spreadsheets, files, and overall data management are done through the internet. Now, offices store their data on the clouds.

2. Data Management Software

It is a common mistake among new office startups to delay proper data management. Offices have lost crucial data because of the physical files and registers. People start their works and offices with the thought that they will get data management software when it is necessary. Time passes, and when there is no other way for data management except software, the data has already piled up that it is impossible to sort it out.

Therefore, proper data management software should be installed with an office startup even if it is cheap and less functional because it is always easy to transfer data from software than to do it from files and registers. Following are some functions of such software:

  • Data Transformation and Presentation
  • Multi-User Access Control
  • Backup and Recovery Management
  • Data Integrity Management
  • Transaction Management

3. Media Center

Although there are desktops on every office desk, it is still essential for a common media center. It could be in the form of a meeting room, conference room, or it could be placed in the main office workplace.

The primary purpose of a media center is presentations. It is far more comfortable and more effective to present on a projector or a screen than to present on a board or sheets of paper. Besides, these media centers are also necessary for long-distance meetings and conferences. Moreover, these could also be used for entertainment purposes once or twice a month. Media center could have:

  • Shared data storage throughout the office
  • A large LCD or a projector
  • A better sound and mic system for meetings, conferences, and other purposes
  • Wireless gadgets like remote controls

4. Cloud Storage

Just like data management software, cloud storages are also an essential supply for offices. An office cannot afford to lose data. Data stored in physical devices like hard drives can either be corrupted or lost. In both cases, it is right to say that cloud storage services are a better and safe option.

Cloud storage services are better because they are accessible from all around the globe. The data is stored there forever and also, and it can easily be shared with others. Unlike tangible data drives, there are no risks attached to cloud storage services. These are the reliable companies that provide data storage for business purposes:

  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive;
  • Media Fire
  • ICloud
  • Dropbox

5. Wireless Gadgets

When we think about wireless gadgets, we assume that these are not a necessity but a luxury. This is not altogether right. Every office has a wireless internet connection in the form of a Wi-Fi Router. Moreover, wires can create a lot of mess, and also, they can be hazardous. To avoid the hassle, check this article to help you make an educated decision about office wireless gadgets.

Think of an office setup that has everything connected through wires. It is ugly, it is tiring, and there are a lot of chances of electricity leakage. Instead, an office with wireless gadgets is a pleasant place to work. You can have wireless:

  • Keyboards, mice headphones.
  • Chargers: there are office desks available with wireless chargers installed in them.
  • Displays: wireless displays can save a lot of time that is normally spent on connecting cables.
  • Printers, Scanners, Photocopy machines: these devices can be connected with Wi-Fi, and everyone can use them.
  • Tablets: tablets are significant for small tasks like opening spreadsheets and presentations.


An office or workplace is the place where people spend most of their daytime. For a better work environment, it is necessary to have a workplace that is pleasant and progressive to work in. Although these five essential supplies are not very basic, like electricity or furniture, they are the essential supplies for an advanced office startup.

Written by Alexis Elena

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