10 Tips for Writing the Perfect College Application Letter

It’s tough out there, students.

10 Tips for Writing the Perfect College Application Letter

Colleges are receiving record numbers of applications every year, and this is unlikely to change soon. Yes, your grades, GPA, and SAT scores are all important factors for gaining admission into the college of your choice. But, have you thought about your college application letter?

How to Write the Perfect College Application Letter

This is a crucial piece of the college application. College admissions staff receive thousands of applications and have a finite amount of time to evaluate each one. It’s your time to shine and get noticed. A college application letter must be original, well thought out, and unique. Your essay is the perfect place to provide a quick snapshot of who you are. Your goals, passions, and values must be clear and concise, along with why that particular college is the perfect fit for you. Colleges place emphasis on the essay. They are looking for potential students who can write well by demonstrating powerful, thought compelling narratives and support their ideas through the writing process.

1. Always be honest

College admissions officers have seen it all! They know about the books, the pre-written papers available for purchase. Don’t make this mistake, assuming you can sneak something past them. Most importantly, never plagiarize.

College staff can tell if it’s original, as they’ve read hundreds and thousands of essays. So, don’t cheat. You must show you are a person with values. Admissions staff look for applicants that are genuine and sincere, and they want to see that authenticity reflected on the essay you submit.

2. Stay focused

Many students choose to provide a “list” of who they are and what they’ve accomplished. This ends up looking too broad and uninteresting. There are a plethora of ideas thrown together on a page, and it looks messy and disoriented. It’s best to stick with one topic.

Your thesis should be simple, clear, and concise. The narrower the topic, the more rich details you can include in your story. Simpler is always best.

3. Get Feedback for your drafted college application letter

This is an essential part of writing if you want it to be readable and understandable to others. Have a parent or teacher take a look at your draft copy of your college application letter. Listen to helpful suggestions and seek opinions on your writing seriously.

Make changes as needed. But be careful. Only ask a few trusted people, two to three at the most. Too many opinions may lead to self-doubt.

4. Draft and Proofread

It’s best to start writing. Write with passion and interest. Write until you are tired, then put it away. Leave the essay for a few days and go back and look at it with a fresh set of eyes and perspective. Then continue to write and rewrite until it makes sense.

Don’t forget to use spellcheck and grammar check. Your college application letter must reflect proper writing mechanics and skills. Mistakes make you look sloppy. Also, don’t rely on grammar tools alone. Sometimes, nothing can replace the human eye. Check for correct wording, word choice, tenses, and vocabulary.

5. Format

Follow the proper formatting when crafting your essay. Each college may want you to write in a specific format of their choosing. Make sure you follow the formatting to the letter, so your finished product is something you will be proud to submit.

6. Confidence is Key

Don’t be afraid to talk about the strength you have. Sometimes, it may be challenging to balance bragging while remaining humble. But, being confident about yourself and show that in your writing. It is what applications staff are looking for. You should prove on paper why you are a deserving candidate to attend their school.

7. Use Descriptive Language

This is all part of telling your story. It’s vital that the person reading your essay feels as though he or she is right there with you; they can picture the places you describe, the feelings you felt, touch, taste, and sound. All elements of the senses should be used with vibrant and imaginative details.

8. Use Humor

Many times students feel the use of honor in a story may be inappropriate. While it’s true that you should avoid crude or rude “funny” stories, there is nothing wrong with injecting some fresh, humorous content within your essay.

Not only is it entertaining, but, if it makes the reader laugh, that’s a positive thing. Colleges like to see a student’s sense of humor. Balance your humor with sensibility, and your likeability increases.

9. Choose Your Topic

Students may want to stick with “safe” subjects such as talking about a vacation experience or the numerous volunteering they’ve participated in. Your idea may fall flat and be labeled as annoying to the reader. There is a common phrase used around college admissions offices” Read Don’t Show.” They want to see you and an exciting story on the page. What makes you different? You may choose a simple topic such as taking care of your dog, but yet turn that into something entertaining by sticking to the topic, writing compelling content and make it something you want to read. If the topic is boring to you, chances are, it’s boring to the reader as well.

10. Use Tools

Follow the Prompts – every college you apply to have questions they want you to answer. Pay close attention to what the question is asking from you. Did you answer it? Was it clear and to the point? Did you use too many “fluff” words and failed to make your point? Each question should be answered completely and thoughtfully. Failure to do this will result in applications staff thinking you can’t follow directions.

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College Essay Organizer – this helpful tool allows you to keep all your college applications and essays in one place. It also will provide you with each college’s individual essay questions for that year, so your essay writing is more personal to that college. Have all your essays in one place! This keeps you organized and on task. This tool offers periodic webcasts to gain ideas, too. Every little bit helps.


Applying for college is an exciting time. You are about to embark on the learning experience of your lifetime. Hopefully, these suggestions will assist you toward your goal of getting one step closer to your dream college.

Remember, be authentic; write your essay with passion and conviction, and believe you will be successful. Write something you would want to read and make it shine. Showing your confidence through your writing increases your chances of getting noticed among a pile of other applicants. You’ve got this!

Written by Alexis Elena

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